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18,05,2017 | by Michael Harbuck | (0) Commnets

My fellow bearded brothers,


Hello and welcome to my company website! I cannot express in words what an honor it is to take part in this world wide beard evolution, and to help supply you directly with all the necessary products and knowledge to help keep your beard looking its best!


As mentioned on my “about me” page, when I started growing a beard - I found that the products already available often failed to meet my expectations in one way or another.  My first concern was that the price point of products in this emerging niche market were incredibly high across the board, and that products made with quality materials carried an even heftier price tag.


In my opinion:  the oils, balms, and other products we use to keep our beards groomed are similar in daily importance to a sturdy, comfortable, and good looking pair of shoes that gets worn every day. It is my best guess that many other companies in the emerging men’s grooming industry may not understand the needs of the people who use their products, and are trying to sell their products at price points which don’t make sense for the consumer’s daily use.


Then I noticed two other things about the products I was researching and trying:


  1. The amount of filler/buffer used to maximize profits by reducing the quantity of certain ingredients.
  2. The use of unnatural chemicals in products that I would be (hypothetically) putting on the skin of my face and likely breathing in!


Some of the oils I tried were incredibly runny, and I suspected that they’d been thinned with something. These “oils” had a tendency of disappearing or perhaps more correctly, they seemed to be evaporating soon after being applied to my beard! Other oils I tried had a nice, thick consistency I believed meant they must be better quality - but often times these oils ended up having overpowering scents, drying out my beard, or irritating my skin.


That’s not to say that I didn’t have any good experiences -  I did find that the higher end, more expensive and all natural beard products were welcomed and refreshing treasures after my other experiences, but they were still too expensive and very difficult to find.


With this as my starting point, I started creating my own formulas and sourcing the best ingredients possible to make my own beard products for personal use. I did this because I wanted to have products that I knew achieved my own seal of approval, and soon my products began achieving other guys’ approval as well. In less than a year of refining and perfecting my products, I was having friends, barbers and their customers alike telling me that I had the “best damn beard products” that they’d ever used.


From one bearded man to another, I promise that I will never dilute quality ingredients or add unnatural chemicals to my products, and that I will work tirelessly to bring you the best damn beard products you’ll ever use! 


Till next time my bearded compadres,




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